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The effects of the Sixth Lord in the 12 Houses

May 7th,2013- Posted by admin Tuesday
As the 6th lord is in the ascendant, the native will be rash & adventurous and become inimical to own people. He/she may join Defence or may bea jail superintendent. They may be worried by some kind of sicknessparticularly in stomach.This worry may be imaginary. They may be plagued by enemies. Their virtues may make them honourable before the public. They may be out of control if they are not well

The effects of the Fourth Lord in the 12 Houses

May 6th,2013- Posted by admin Monday
As the 4th lord is in the ascendant the native will have all sorts of domestic comforts, houses & conveyances. They are outspoken & independent, clever and intelligent. Their mother is gentle and tender. They have an academic mind and their qualities will be appreciated in the field of education. They will have the help of many friends and uncles. They will have a well decorated house. As the 4

The effects of the Third Lord in the 12 Houses

May 6th,2013- Posted by admin Monday
As the 3rd lord is in the Ascendant, the native is likely to be a selfsufficient and self made person. The native's intelligence & know ledge will be impressive despite his/her qualifications. He/she will have to learn to control anger which can be his/her greatest enemy. Though their appearance is on the lean side they will exhibit vitality and energy in all critical situations.They tend to be at

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 12 Houses

May 5th,2013- Posted by admin Sunday
As the 2nd lord is in the ascendant the native will be wealthy. But there may be strained relationships with other members of his/her family. He/she wants to be away from home and he/she will long for pleasures outside his/her home and family. The native have to be careful not to get involved in fraudulent transactions. They will be subjected to vicissitudes as financial ups and downs mark their c

The Effects of the Ascendant Lord in the 12 Houses

May 5th,2013- Posted by admin Sunday
If the ascendant lord is in the ascendant itself, the native will be famous automatically. Endowed with material happiness he/she will be known for his/her independent spirit to live by own efforts. The native will maintain multiple interests in unrelated subjects & people. The native will always be alert physically & mentally. Chances are that he/she will visit foreign or far away lands. He/she w


May 3rd,2013- Posted by admin Friday
1ST HOUSE : Lagan lord SUN posited in 8th house & conjuct with 12th lord MOON natural clamities OR disasters through water will occur in this year. This year also not good for PMO. 2ND HOUSE : 2nd lord MERCURY posited in 8th house not good for indian economy. No relief from inflation in this year. Share market will also suffer & no relief from RBI in this year. 3RD HOUSE : 3rd lord VENUS posited

33 करोड़ देवी देवता …आखिर सत्य क्या है ! ! !

May 1st,2013- Posted by admin Wednesday
33 करोड़ देवी देवता ...आखिर सत्य क्या है ! ! ! शाकल्य—'देवता कितने हैं?' याज्ञ.—'तेंतीस (33)।' शाकल्य ने इसी प्रश्न को बार-बार पांच बार और दोहराया। इस पर याज्ञवल्क

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